Kratom Addiction, an addict experience

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Some time ago I came accross an article from a person suffering from kratom addiction. Those who use kratom should be indeed aware that the herb can be addictive. But lets hear it from someone who has been using frequently and in high dosage.

“I began my journey into the kratom world in mid 2006. I had known about kratom for sometime back then, but did not really believe in its power, until I hit bottom one day and decided there was nothing left for me to do but give it a try.

Well, amazing things happened, as a result and I truly thought I had found the answer to opiate addiction, and wondered why everyone did not do this, it was so much easier to get, less expensive, legal and seemed harmless.

Sadly, my husband, who had no opiate addiction, saw what the kratom did for me and he decided to get some too.He became addicted faster and way worse than I did and by the end of 4 years later, was consuming 3 times more than me, about 600 grams a week.

Between the two of us, we were spiraling into a world of debt we had never known before, as he was so addicted he was literally living off the stuff–huge spoonfuls, several I might add at a time. I was doing the same, but not to the extent he was, I liked extracts best, and I was only really taking probably less than a third of what he was.

…. then I decided to just stop.

Well that is no easy feat. I thought hydro was hard to quit, I was wrong. Kratom is way worse because it gets into your cells and it stays there, taunting you day after day, and just when you think you are finally over it, you get a surge of that w/d feeling again and your body hurts so bad you cannot get out of bed.

Now I know many of you never expected to hear any of this from me, but I am telling you that kratom is no toy and not something to take lightly. Think it thru before you go there, as I am sure it has it purpose and can be useful but not the way we were taking it.

I am not saying kratom is bad, it can be useful in some situations, it is all a matter of control and sadly most addicts do not have control and my husband and myself had lost all control of it very quickly.

The whole story can be found here , we have shortened it a bit for readability but the whole story can be found here A few point are important to realize;

  1. Kratom can be addictive when used in an irresponsible manner, however the 600 grams per week is an insane amount of kratom, most users will never get to this amount ( 7 to 10 gram per day is the average).
  2. Extracts do build tolerance more quick, this is reported by other users as well, so try to stick to regular and natural powders and whenever you decide to take an extract make sure it is 100% natural. ERIK kratom extract is a good example of a low cost but natural and safe extract, besides that it is more effective then most 15X or 20x kratom extracts.
  3. Do take “days off” , try to keep your tolerance low by taking regular breaks, in case you feel fine and there is no need to take kratom, then just try not to use it. Responsible usage pays off and is more economical as well.
  4. Keep your dosage low, if you are happy with a 5 or 6 grams per time, do not overdo it, higher dosages build tolerance more quickly, resulting in more serious withdrawal.
  5. Use kratom potentiators or effect enhancers, there are several substances and herbs that increase the effect of your kratom. Magnesium citrate, Grapefruit juice or starfruit increase the effects of your kratom, so less dosage is sufficient. We will be writing about this later and place a link here.
  6. Last but not least,  addiction and coping with withdrawal are the result of overdoing and using your herb in an irresponsible manner, most kratom users will never get to this point, but if you cross the line, then prepare yourself for a maximum of 7 days withdrawal symptoms, ranging from sweating to insomnia, headaches and possible depression. Better to let it not come to this stage.

When you decide to use kratom, be aware of the addiction risks and use it wisely.

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