Kratom Effects, what do people get out of this herb!?

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So what effects does the average user gets from using kratom?

A little reseach done on the yahoo kratom group showed the following kratom effects for the average user. Mostly people noticed some form of Euphoria and stimulation or even a opiate kind of rush.  We have to add however that the options in this poll were a bit controlled, although pain-relief is clearly mentioned and certainly one of the obvious effects, relaxation and stress relief are also clear effects of kratom, but were not included in this poll. Check below for the top 5 of kratom effects and a picture of the full research is included below that.

Top 5 of Kratom Effects.

  1. Euphoria (19%)
  2. Stimulation (17%)
  3. Pain relief (15%)
  4. Opiate like rush (9%)
  5. Increased endurance (7%).

source: poll from the yahoo kratom group (open since 2004)

All kratom effect experienced by those using kratom

It should be noted that certain strain of kratom, especially the Sumatra White, Green Malay and varieties from the Malay peninsuler are more known for their euphoric properties, while the strains from Borneo (often referred to as Bali Kratom) are the more sedative strains.

Besides this it is also noticed that the Euphoric and Energizing effects might change over time, long term usage of kratom can lessen these effects. Tapering and switching strains as well as keeping the tolerance levels to kratom low, can help to maintain the euphoric effect.


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