Kinds of Kratom , the strains and the meaning of kratom abbreviations

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There are a lot of different types of kratom on the market, mostly these “types of kratom” are invented by vendors, dealer and kratom wholesalers, to distinguish their blends or kratom from others.

The actual areas where kratom is grown or found are limited, mainly in the southern part of Thailand (Illegal , and under constant pressure of police and milatary many trees are disappearing here), on the Malay peninsular in the northern part of Malaysia, just south of the the Thai border (also Illegal, but police in Malaysia is less active) and in Indonesia. The most active parts for kratom harvest are Borneo or Kalimantan and Sumatra. Kratom is legal in Indonesia, but some restrictions are in place. Other leaves seem to grow elsewhere and some vendors claim to have “kratom farms” in Hawai, India and the US.

The most interesting phenomena is the so called Bali Kratom, which is in fact originating from Borneo, but was called Bali kratom for marketing reasons years ago, now even Indonesian producers create Bali kratom. Mitragyne Speciosa never grew on Bali, and the existence of a Kratom Farm on Bali is unlikely and unclear.

Anyway, the list below is made by the people of the forum, we warmly recommend you register on this forum if you like to discuss more about kratom!

Some of the strains are click-able and will bring you to the vendor site.

  • 7-ACO- 7-Acetoxy-Mitragynine
  • 7-OHM- 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine
  • CM-  Celtic Mayhem blend
  • DS-  Dark Sumatran
  • DSE-  Dark Sumatran Extract
  • EB-  Enhanced Bali
  • ERVT-  Enhanced Red Vein Thai
  • ESUEB-  Extra Strength Ultra Enhanced Bali
  • FST-  Full Spectrum Tincture
  • GG-  Gentle Giant blend
  • GI-  Golden Indo
  • GM-  Green Malaysian or Green Malay
  • GR-  Gold Reserve enriched kratom
  • GVI-  Green Vein Indo
  • GVT-  Green Vein Thai
  • HPFS-  High Potency Full Spectrum extract
  • IR-  Indo Reserve
  • KOA-  Kratom Orange Alkaloids
  • MD or MDT-  Maeng Da Thai
  • MDM-  Maeng Da Malaysian
  • MT-  Morning Thunder blend
  • OST-  Old School Thai
  • PCB-  Premium Commercial Bali
  • PE-  Powdered Extract
  • PI-  Premium Indo, Potent Indo
  • PK-  Premium Kratom
  • PM-  Premium Malaysian
  • PRVI-  Premium Red Vein Indo
  • PRVT-  Premium Red Vein Thai
  • PT-  Premium Thai
  • PYM-  Premium Yellow Malaysian
  • RI or RIK-  Reserve Indo Kratom
  • RR-  Road Runner
  • RVB-  Red Vein Borneo
  • RVGB-  Red Vein Green Borneo (similar to RVB)
  • RVI-  Red Vein Indo
  • RVS-  Red Vein Sumatran
  • RVSI-  Red Vein Super Indo
  • RVT-  Red Vein Thai
  • S&V-  Stem and Vein
  • SG-  Snow Geisha blend
  • SGI-  Super Green Indo
  • SGoI-  Super Golden Indo
  • SGM-  Super Green Malaysian
  • SI-  Super Indo
  • SI-3-  Super Indo (3x)
  • SN-  Starry Night blend
  • SO-  Super Ocho blend
  • SS-  Six Summits blend
  • Suma-  Sumatran Indo
  • Sunda-  Sundanese Indo
  • SYM-  Super Yellow Malaysian
  • UEB-  Ultra Enhanced Bali
  • UEET-  Ultra Extra Enhance Thai
  • UEI-  Ultra Enhanced Indo
  • UEM-  Ultra Enhanced Malaysian
  • UET-  Ultra Enhanced Thai
  • UV-  UltraViolet (3x Bali)
  • UV-7-  UltraViolet with 3x Thai
  • WVS-  White Vein Sumatran

For reviews on the various strains do check the previously mentioned kratom forum, they have a good collection of objective feedback on the various strains mentioned.