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how to take kratom

Kratom is becoming more popular due to its psychoactive properties and its legal status. Since fresh leaves are rarely used in the western world, most kratom users have been experimenting to find alternative ways of consumption. Based on reports of a large group of users and backed by personal experiments, this report shows some ways in which kratom is being used and its effects.

Common usage of Kratom and its effects

Leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa, or Kratom tree, have been used for centuries in South East Asia, as a stimulant, a medicine and for spiritual practices. Due to the psychoactive properties of the leaves, kratom has become more popular in the western world in the last decennia as well.

Although in traditional use the fresh leaves are chewed, kratom is mostly available in dried form, either as powder or crushed leaves. Most users do however still experience very clear effects while using dried natural kratom powder or leaves in tea, mixes and other forms. We have combined 10 ways of kratom usages that were reported to cause either stimulating or sedative effects.

All information in this article is given for educational purposes only and it should be noted that Kratom is currently a controlled substance in some countries. Although Kratom can be legally bought in the USA, the FDA has not approved kratom to be sold and marketed as a product for human consumption.

  1. Chewing dried leaves
    Some tribes in Southern Thailand used to dry their kratom leaves to conserve them longer. Dried kratom leaves can be chewed, but they are somewhat tough and swallowing could cause nausea. It should be noted that well dried Kratom leaves taste extremely bitter and you need to chew a lot of dried leaves before getting any effect. Stems and center vein of the leaves are removed.
  2. Toss and Wash
    This method is the most straightforward. Simply toss kratom powder into the mouth and wash it down with something drinkable, like water. This is probably one of the most common ways, since it saves time and has good effects. Beginners use around 5 gram of Kratom powder, higher dosages are build up based on personal experiences.
  3. Kratom and juices
    Fruit juices with a high acidic content, like lemon or grapefruit juice, result in stronger and quicker effects. These reported effects seem to be caused by the kratom alkaloids that become soluble in certain acids. Water soluble vitamin C pills are used for similar reasons, they contain ascorbic acid. Kratom Powders are mixed with the drinks and taken after some minutes. 5 to 10 gram of Kratom powder will give good effects.
  4. Making Kratom Tea
    Dried leaves are boiled in water for 15 to 30 minutes, water is then boiled down and a new boil is made with the same leaves, this is normally repeated a couple of times. Some users have reported that a lemon or lime mixed with water should be added beforehand, this will help to extract the alkaloids during boiling. Freezing the leaves beforehand seems to stimulate extraction of kratom alkaloids as well.
  5. Eaten in yogurt
    Yogurt can reduce the bitterness of the Kratom powder and it makes it easier to swallow, vanilla or chocolate yogurts can add a bit more attraction.
  6. Kratom Smoothies.
    Smoothies are an excellent way to add both some acidity and reduce bitterness in the same time. Grapefruit, lime or lemon is added for the extraction of the active substances in the kratom powder or leaf. Sweet fruits can be added to disguise the kratom bitterness. Works well with milk or ice-cream, some claim.
  7. Kratom mixed with alcohol
    Since the alkaloids of the kratom leaf are soluble in alcohol, kratom clearly has more effect after soaking in spirits like vodka, rum or whiskey. Sometimes it is warmed or boiled afterwards and cooled before drinking. Kratom alcohol mixes can be kept longer. Another report claimed that warm sake is very useful for quick results.
  8. Smoking Kratom.
    Asian tribes have been reported to smoke Kratom leaves and some herbal smoking blends do contain Kratom, but the effects of smoking the dried leaves are not that great compared to oral consumption. Large amounts of kratom need to be smoked before noticing slight effects. It seems to be less economical then oral consumption as well.
  9. Kratom Food.
    Although kratom food is an underdeveloped area of kratom consumption, some have reported nice effects with kratom curries and kratom cookies. It is recommended to use your Kratom with more stronger flavored food, since its bitter taste tends to be overwhelming.
  10. External use
    Kratom has been used traditionally for curing wounds, its medical properties for external use are not yet fully known. The fact that kratom is sometimes promoted for aromatherapy or for herbal baths is probably due to the fact that the FDA and other governments do not allow it to be sold for oral consumption.

In any case, it is important to use high quality kratom powders and leaves, that are harvested and processed in a proper way. An Indonesian Kratom producer, Bikhuk, is one of the companies that takes safety and quality of their natural kratom powders seriously very seriously. Check their site for more information. Bikhuk kratom powder, is one of the companies that takes safety and quality of their natural kratom powders very seriously.