Will Kratom show up on Drug test or Urine Test ?

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There is some concern with those using kratom powder that there might be a problem when applying for certain jobs, so the following question is often asked ; “Is it possible to detect kratom in an urinalysis drug test ?”

In short, Yes, but do read on, there are some comfortable notes to add.  There has been one documented case of a person’s urine being tested for mitragynine, but this test was specialty designed to detect kratom usage . Consumption of kratom can indeed lead to a detectable amount of mitragynine residue and its metabolite in urine. Certain, however, is that kratom is not tested for in even the most extensive drug tests that a person would encounter in a normal drug-screening situation.

It doesn’t matter whether you are being tested for a new job, at work,  in school, on probation or parole, or even for the Armed Forces;  they will not test you for kratom.
Since kratom is legal in all North America and many European Union countries, there is no reason to test for it.

Another related question often heard is the following; “Can  kratom usage cause a false positive result on a drug test?”. Simply said, It will not.

Both the alkaloids and metabolites of kratom are chemically different from anything being tested for in a standard drug test  (like NIDA5) or even in an extended (10-panel) urine test.  It is not possible that mitragynine and the other kratom alkaloids could cause a false positive for morphine, methadone  or anything else that is screened in these tests.

Some medications and supplements however can result in a false positive on a drug test.  Ibuprofen and pseudo-ephedrine are known examples. Also black poppy seeds, found on bagels, as well as some other poppy seeds will show as an opiate as well, since they have a one to 2 day half life.

Before At military test facilities they actually went to hair tests as opposed to urine, simply because while you were in training they had the black poppy seed bagels as part of the morning snacks, and 10 out of 10 people tested positive for opiates (heroin) after eating a bagel and taking the pee test the same day.

If you are being drug tested, make sure to inform the testing entity about all legal prescription drugs and OTC medicines you are taking to avoid such problems.  There is no need to tell them about your kratom use.

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