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Daniel, the editor of Drink kratom, has just put up a video on how to create a orange kratom blend. Drink kratom is a new initiative to promote the responsible usage of kratom.  OJ Kratom is a nice way to take kratom, it hides the taste a bit and is said to potentiate the effects of the kratom.

For those who dont want to sit out the whole video or have difficulty grasping the Irish accent, here is a quote from the site giving the details.

I guess there was little to no need to make a video that basically explains how to put orange juice and kratom into a cocktail shaker, mix it up, add a straw, and drink, but just in case that all seems too hard, here’s a video demonstrating how to do just that.

Truth it, kratom and almost any fruit juice will work nicely. It’s a lot better (and tastier) than mixing kratom with water (which is almost never good), can be decanted into a plastic water bottle and brought out and about with you, and is a really tasty and delicious way to start off you day.

Kratom with vodka is a very nice alcoholic kratom mixture, although opinions vary on the wiseness or otherwise of this ingesting particular preparation. Kratom orange juice and vodka is really just a kratom-laced screwdriver (cocktail).

Source  Kratom and orange juice | Drink Kratom.

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