Bikhuk Kratom reforestation project

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bikhuk kratom starts tree planting program

A new initiative started by Bikhuk kratom was launched last week. Under the slogan “We plant a tree each time you buy kratom!” Bikhuk is trying to raise awareness for the disappearing rain forest in the area where they are active. By both actively planting trees as well as cooperating with the local population, Bikhuk is trying to give an alternative for the native who are now often depending on the sales of the wood products. Press release stated;

(openPR) – The start of the new year was the kick off for a tree planting project initiated by Bikhuk. The company pledged to plant a large number of trees in the area of Kalimantan. Customers will contribute automatically when they buy kratom from Bikhuk.

The Indonesian based company signed up with the United Nation Environment Program, to replant a minimum amount of 10 hectares in the area of central Kalimantan, Indonesia, an area in need of conserving.

Check  the press release – Press release – Bikhuk Kratom & Ethnobotanicals – Bikhuk Kratom starts reforestation project ; We plant a tree each time you buy kratom!.

We plant a tree each time you buy kratom! is starting in januari and will continue for the rest of the year. More information can be found on the bikhuk site .

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