Kratom as an ‘aid’ for M.E./C.F.S. sufferers

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kratom as an aid for CFS/ME

On the back page of the Kratom wiki, kratom users and other contributors discuss some interesting sides of the herb and its properties. Although kratom is still relatively unknown by the “big public” more and more people with chronic pains start to use the kratom tree as an alternative for potentially harmful medical aids and relievers.

The following story is a personal account from someone who is suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis in combination with Сhronic fatigue syndrome , known to cause serious head aches, multiple joint pain and muscle pain.

I have had M.E./C.F.S. for close to 20 years, and have been registered as ‘disabled’ for the last 10 of those as I have been unable to work or lead what most would class as an ‘ordinary’ lifestyle… mainly due to all-over body pain/aches and lack of energy. Five years ago I was taking up to 8x 500mg paracetmol a day, with each tablet also having 30 mgs Codiene. At these levels I could at least have some repite from higher pain levels, but obviously these levels are high, and not particularly healthy in the long-term!

I retired from England and moved to Thailand, where a local ‘country’ doctor (astonished at the levels of paracetamol/codiene I was ingesting) suggested Kratom. Over the following months I experimented with amounts, slowly increasing until I was ‘comfortable. I settled at 4or5 x 7 inch leaves (or their equiv) in the morning, and the same again, normally, mid or late afternoon. My quality of life has increased dramatically, and I now lead a lifestyle with which most people who now know me would be shocked to find that I have M.E. I still have many of the more common M.E. symptoms, but not only are my energy levels much higher than previously, but my pain levels literally drop off by 50% within 10 mins of eating the leaves. I also sleep much better, and have been able to cot my 50mg Amatryptyline a night (yes.. 50 mg… been on that for 6 years!)… down to 25mg.

I am no chemist, and take Kratom purely as a medicinal thing… I have taken more than I need before, just to see what happens, but I found that when the effects wear off I am left exhausted. The level of intake I am now at is enough to make me almost ‘normal’ (though I would never be able to run Marathons again!) and is, I feel, appropriate for me… it is not a recommendation for anyone else!

I just wonder if any other M.E./C.F.S. sufferers have tried it as an alternative to massive amounts of paracetamol/codiene etc? If not… maybe it is worth a try? I am lucky as, being in Thailand, supply is not a problem – I even have my own tree (small but growing!). Although it is ‘technically illegal in Thailand, it is pretty well acce[ted that it is widely used, and isn’t really much of a problem where I am. Note… seeing as how I have this illness for life, I am not too worried about ‘addiction’ problems with Kratom… certainly not as worried as I was with the amounts of paracetamol and codiene I was taking!

I would be interested to hear from other M.E./C.F.S. sufferers on this subject, as it has, quite literally, changed my life!

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Well luckily you don’t have to life in Thailand only to enjoy this herb, since the leaves of the kratom tree are available in dried form and sold as kratom powder online.

Although it is known that more people who deal with chronic pain are choosing herbal solutions, kratom is still somewhat unknown to this group of patients.  Since kratom is widely labeled as some kind of “legal high”,  it is in fact mostly used as an aid for those suffering from mental or physical ailments.  The medical value of kratom is however not widely known, but this is not surprising if you consider that the sellers are not allowed to sell it for “human consumption” , so no medical claim can be legally made.

Besides that, the US FDA has added the plant to the poisonous plant database, even though the risk of acute toxicity is extremely low. Only at extreme high dosage, like half a shopping bag of powder, there is a potential serious health risk, no one is even able to stomach such an amount of this bitter herb.  Of course consuming kratom can have side effects and its always important to consult a health specialist before switching medication. But if you consider the side effects of the dosage of codeine and paracetamol that was consumed in this example, using kratom suddenly seems to be a much healthier alternative.