Tom’s Kratom Preparation

Posted on January 18, 2011 by


how to take kratom

When I prepare kratom I prefer to make an infusion. I’ve read in different recipes where a decoction is preferable but as a lay herbalist I know that as a rule of thumb most arial  portions of a plant are best treated this way. That usually means flowers, buds, and leaf matter. A decoction is a method where the plant material is boiled for a length of time.

An infusion is when the plant matter is placed in a container and water is boiled then allowed to cool just to the point where it has stopped boiling and then added to the preparation and covered. This preserves essential oils, alkaloids and often anti-oxidant properties. This is a matter of preference for me and I am open to feedback. I get the desired effect and a pleasant experience.

I like to add citrus juice to the kratom first and allow to soak ( possibly mixed with a little water so it isn’t too intense). I almost always use ginger tea but I switch it up with other herbs for variety and effect. I like to also use a rooibos tea called “red safari spice” made with cinnamon, piquante pepper, cardamom, and ginger. At night I add a bag or two of valerian root. I sometimes use detox teas or other medicinals in combination as well.

I put these in either a quart sized mason jar or a large to go coffee mug with about 7 grams of kratom. Choose the strain you want according to the desired effect. I then take capsulize turmeric (which I buy in the spice aisle and put in the capsules myself due to the high price of turmeric in the health food store) due to the potentiating effects as well as it’s anti-inflammatory properties. I also capsulize black pepper in the morning due to it’s stimulating and potentiating properties. I then add hot water and cover. I allow to cool enough to drink. I prefer to drink the tea hot because I notice it has a preferred effect to the preparations I have made and stored overnight in the refrigerator. I am still discovering new combinations but this is what I have found that works the best for me now.