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how to deal with the bitter kratom taste

Everyone who ever tried or maybe just smelled kratom, is familiar with the foul and bitter taste. Extracts and certain blends can help to reduce this a bit, but they are expensive alternatives and not so effective in some cases to deal with the taste issue. But there are other ways to deal with it! Bitter taste in general is a complex thing, around 30 different receptors are involved in its sensing function.  These probably evolved as a means to keep us away from toxic plants, but anyway.

Regardless of the Bitterness complexity, it be dealt with in a number of effective ways;

a.  Cover up the Bitter taste;  Needless to say, but sugar and honey cover up kratom bitter. Sweetness is one of the most popular taste stimulus, so it confuses the brains taste. By source, sweeteners can be divided into natural sweeteners and synthetic sweeteners, some samples of the former are glucose,  fructose,  sucrose,  xylitol,  single syrup,  fruit juice syrup, or  orange peel ,  cherry syrup etc, honey and so on. Masking bitter taste with honey is very effective!

b. Add fragrance; Besides fooling the brain by sweet taste, fragrances can improve the bitter taste perception itself. This mechanism can be simply experimented with by smelling an orange and eating an apple meanwhile, you can guess what you will taste. Some known natural spices that can help you fighting the bitter perception are;  peppermint oil,  cinnamon oil,  fennel oil or peppermint water.
Alternative (mostly artificial) flavors do have helpful fragrances as well, like orange flavor, lemon flavor and chocolate flavor.
The latter is used by some to create a chocolate kratom mix, which is double effective due to the sweetness and the fragrance. Cinnamon is known to smoothen the kratom taste and often used, fennel is also effective as a possible potentiator.

c. Paralyze your taste buds ; A very effective way to improve the kratom bitter taste is the use of local anesthesia mask. By hitting the taste buds with a strong flavor, a temporary paralysis of the taste cells will reduce the sensitivity of the bitter elements. An excellent example is menthol or peppermint oil, which will cause you to taste no bitterness for a period of time. This trick is of course known in menthol cigarettes, which originally contained mint to cover up the bitter taste of the tobacco. Ginger seems to work in a similar way as well, and can of course be combined with mint to add a bit of extra flavor.

Simply adding a bit of honey is unfortunately not enough for most to deal with the kratom, but a combination of the tips given above can be very effective. When using for example Mint Oil, Honey and ginger in combination, you can create a cup of kratom tea that even tastes nice! Mint or peppermint oil is very helpful to lessen the bad taste, cinnamon and or  fennel as well as some sweetener should be added to mix it so it pleases your own taste buds a bit better.

Enjoy and please share your tips with us and our visitors below!


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