10 ways how to take kratom

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Here are some common and uncommon ways in which the kratom powders and dried leaves are used.

1.    Nibbling the dried kratom leaves

Several tribes in Southern Thailand normally dry their kratom leaves to store them up, so consuming dried leaves is something that has been practized by the natives as well. Dried kratom leaves can be nibbled or chewed, normally the center vein is removed and in traditional use peper or salt is added. The leaves are however somewhat tough and ingesting could cause an upset stomach. The dried Kratom leaves taste terribly bitter when chewed and you would need to chew a lot of dried leaf material before getting any effect. The equivalent of 10 grams of kratom powder equals around 20 to 30 dried leaves, so thats a lot of chewing!

2.  T&W or Toss then Wash

This popular way of taking kratom is the most simple and its done as follows; Toss kratom powder into the mouth, a bit in the back so your bitter taste buts are not touched and wash it downward with something liquid and drinkable; like juice, water, soda or whatever. This method saves time and has effects within 20-45 minutes after taking. Most kratom newcommers start to take around 5 to 7 grams of Kratom powder, its important to  start as low as possible and build up higher dosages based on your personal experience. At higher amounts the change of building up a tolerance for kratom will increase.

3. Kratom and juices

It is though that fruit juices, especially those with a high acidic content, like lime, lemon or grapefruit juice , result in stronger and faster effects.  These different effects are probably related to the kratom alkaloids, which are soluble in certain acids, so the juice speeds up the metabolism. Vitamin C pills also contain ascorbic acid and can be used for the same purpose. The method is simple, kratom powders are mixed will by stirring, a shaker would be even better, and taken after some minutes. Due to the potentiating effects, a but less Kratom powder, around 4-6 grams should be used at first. Build it up according to your personal needs later.

4. Kratom Tea.

Another popular way of taking kratom, but often tea is made in such a way that the effects are disappointing. 2 things are important to note;
1. the leaves or powder go direct in your water, do not use tea eggs or bags, they are not effective. Powder will release more active substances then leaves, so grind if possibel. Simmer or boil for at least 20 to 30  minutes.
2. Several users have stated that a lemon or lime mixed with water should  be included beforehand, this will help  to extract the alkaloids during  boiling. If no acid is added then an extra boil is needed with the same leaves, and this shouldreplicated a couple of times, the result however will not be similar to the lime/lemon waterboil.

Freezing your powder or leaves before boiling and fine grinding your material will help to extract the kratom alkaloids better. Please note that kratom tea is awefully bitter, you can add peppermint oil, cinamon and honey to lessen the bitterness, boiling the tea down to a shot size cup mized with honey is another method of dealing with it. For making kratom tea you need to add a bit more grams compared to the previous ways of taking it, so 7-9 grams are a good starting point.

5. Kratom and yogurt.

Yogurt is said to decrease the bitterness of the Kratom powder as well. Besides that it makes consumption easier for some. High fragrant yogurts, like vanilla or chocolate perhaps add a bit more to the attraction and hide more of the bitterness as well.

6.Kratom Smoothies

Smoothies are an healthy and marvelous way to take kratom. They “smoothen” the taste, make intake more pleasand, it includes some acicidity (to promote on set and uptake) and it can minimize the bitterness in the same time. Adding Grapefruit, lime or lemon to the mix is is good for the release of the functional substances in the kratom powder or leaf. Sweet fruits can be added to cover the kratom bitterness. A quicker alternative is to take kratom direct mixed with applesauce, saves time and you will get the idea. Some claim that milk or ice-cream add a bit to the effects, although no clear scientific reason is given.

7. Kratom-alcohol brews.

The kratom alkaloids are also soluble in alcohol, so kratom soaked in spirits will have noticeably have other or better effect. Drinks like vodka, rum or whiskey are used to mix.  Sometimes it is warmed or simmered on low temperature after soaking for some time. Just like with the tea, leaves are strained and the brew can be mixed with spices or sweeteners to enhance the taste.  Kratom alcohol brews can be preserved longer.  Some claim that taking kratom mixed with sake promotes the effects and uptake.

8. Smoking Kratom

Some tribes in south east asia have been smoking kratom, they use a large bamboo “bong” and huge amounts of dried leaf are taken to fill the pipe.  Futhermore it is known that the japanese occupiers in Borneo used to smoke kratom as a tobaco replacement, during the end of wwII, when they were cut of from their regular supplies. Besides these historical smoking habits, kratom also shows up on the list of ingredients in some smoking blends, but this is more for marketing porposes then for the actual effect.  Smoking kratom will give a short moment of relaxation and “placebo like” effects, not much longer then half hour. It might result in some irritation afterwards. All trials have given short and subtile effects only, so it is really not worth it. Besides this is should be noted that the leaves smoked in WW2 and by the natives are probably a strain that is more suitable for smoking (Borneo) then other types of kratom. Large amounts need to be smoked before noticing the first small effects, the onset is however quick, but as said duration is short, concluding; not advicable.

9. Kratom Food

While kratom food is an unused area of kratom intake, some seem to have experimented successfully with it. Due to the extreme bitterness, you have to pick your food carefully, for example a kratom curry could work. It is recommended  to take your Kratom with more spicy or peppery flavored  food since that will disguise the taste a bit better. Alternatively kratom cookies can be baked, but keep in mind that the heating of your leaves and powders might destroy the active parts in your snack.

10. Aromtherapy and external kratom usage.

Kratom has been used traditionally for treating and curing wounds, but the medical values for this are not yet well known. The fact that kratom is sometimes  sold for aromatherapy or for herbal baths has more to do with the fact that the US FDA do not permit it to be promoted or sold for oral consumption. SO although often called “incense”, it is really a waste to burn your leaves.

A new recipe
In case you have tried all, we have one more kratom recipe that we got from a friend and is worth to try;

Ingredients; Lemon and orange juice, soy milk.
Used: Shaker, teaspoon
lemon juice kills the bitterness, and orange juice and thick soy milk hide the taste and sandy mouth feel. its all about mixing red and white, with less white than red for a more stimulation, but with a nice body. one measured heaping teaspoon white Sumatra, 2 measured teaspoons of red Sumatra, tablespoon of lemon juice, and 3 ounces orange juice mixed in a SMALL 4 ounce jar with lid, shaken. Then add 1 ounce soy milk, shake then immediately take.

We are open to any suggestion of what might work for you, please leave your comment!