Kratom vs Medication, Therapy, and Drug Abuse

Posted on March 30, 2011 by


how kratom helped to get back into the light

The past 15 or so years of my life have been very difficult.  I’ve been to many therapists and psychologists to try and figure out why I have anxiety and depression, and even AA to try and help me quit drinking.  For years I would go back and forth to these places with no results.  I’ve been labeled ADD, OCD, General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Borderline Personality, and Bi-Polar.  For that I was treated like a guinea pig with no say in the matter, given over 10 different types of medications (not all at once, but over a few years) trying to fix my brain.  None of that worked and I’m still in the process of weaning myself off the last one.  What I did discover in my desperate hunt for relief about a year ago was a wonderful plant called Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa).

I was on my death bed, released from the hospital for an attempted suicide.  When I first tried Kratom I got a rush of motivation to just live.  The first thing I did was go and clean up my entire house!  For some reason I wanted to get things done.  I was motivated beyond belief.  And the amazing part of it.  I didn’t have that horrible feeling in my brain anymore that years of going to Doctors with Phd’s couldn’t figure out.  The rapid thoughts and worrying were gone.  The depression was gone.  For the first time in 15 years I felt “normal.”  No pain, just motivation to succeed and accomplish things for today.

That’s a brief summary on the Doctors and the meds I took.  Another thing I would like to finish is by talking about my substance abuse.  I went to many AA meetings but that never would stop me from drinking.  From age 14, I was a heavy daily drinking.  I worked at a golf course with keys to all the liquor lockers, so I had a huge stockpile to get blitzed whenever I wanted.  So at age 16 soon after getting my license I got my first DWI.  From then until age 24 I had gotten 3 more DWI’s.  One night I was so drunk I got lost and broke a neighbors window and tried to walk in.  He met me with a shotgun and for some reason didn’t shoot even though I didn’t obey his commands.  This was on the night of my college graduation (only took me 7 years!).  Enough about the past, you get the idea.

I was a few steps away from being in prison or being on the streets.  But then I tried Kratom a year ago and like I mentioned earlier it took all the pain away without feeling like a narcotic.  I wasn’t “high,” but I didn’t feel bad.  It was like nothing I have ever taken before.  Well after a few months I realized that my daily drinking turned into no drinking because my desire for alcohol ceased fully.  I’ve been sober for 9 months and Kratom is the only thing I can attribute that too after trying everything else for years.  I never think about alcohol anymore and it doesn’t bother me to be around people drinking or seeing beer commercials.  It’s astonishing!  Alcohol ruled my life.  I wish there was a way to explain this better.  But all of this really is miraculous.

A quick note, I’m also over 500 days nicotine free and while I started my nicotine quit before Kratom, the Kratom has helped tremendously in keeping me sober from it.

I hear a lot of stories about Kratom helping people get off pain medicines.  I wrote this today for those who struggle with mental illness and addiction.  I didn’t beat these things, Kratom did.  Kratom took the desire away completely from both substances and also cured my anxiety and depression (and whatever else was going on up there!).  So I am happy to be a positive voice for Kratom and tell my story because I can assure you I wouldn’t be alive today without it.  There are many suffering out there and I can’t stand to know that I have found the key to ease their suffering and not make sure they receive it.  Let’s all do our part, learning about Kratom and it’s benefits so we can share with others the miracle that we have experienced.

Thank you for your time,

Will Cunningham