KIC – Kratom Induced Constipation

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kratom constipation

One of the know side effects of kratom is constipation.  Sooner or later the kratom user will notice some changes in the stools.  So let see what it is and where it comes from.

Constipation, what is it?
Constipation is defined as a decrease in the frequency of passing formed stools, or simply said less poop. The condition also may be characterized by stools that are hard and difficult to pass.

What causes the constipation ?
Constipation in general may be the result of many factors;  like inadequate fluid and fiber intake, or a lack of physical activity. It can also occur as a result of a disease or ailments such as; kidney troubles, high calcium level,  diabetes, a lack of potassium and a few others. Another cause of constipation is pharmacologically based, like for example when  kratom is used.

How does kratom cause constipation?
Kratom seems to affect the gastrointestinal tract in a variety of ways. When kratom is taken, there is an increase in the time it takes the stool to move through the gastric system. More in detail, it increases the nonpropulsive contractions in the middle of the small intestine (jejunum) and decrease longitudinal propulsive peristalsis – motions critical to moving food through the intestines.  So, basically the food fails to travel easily through the digestive tract. Kratom may also be able to partially “paralyze” the stomach, as a result the meals will remain longer then usual in the digestive organ, in the process liquids are pulled from the stool, hence making it harder.

What if things become serious
If you come to the point where you feel like pushing rocks, you should watch it. Since the seriousness of the KIC is related to the amounts of kratom used, you might first need to consider lowering the amounts used or simply deciding to take a kratom break.

Laxatives might be useful, there are plenty more or less effective options easily available, both herbal and as meds. Some supplements like magnesium citrate (also potentiates the kratom effects!)  aloe, cascara sagrada, frangula, rhubarb, and senna are all examples of herbal stimulant laxatives.  Due to possible health concerns,  some stimulant laxatives are recommended to be used on a short-term basis only.

Sugars like fructose and galactose can also help, since they draws water into the intestine by osmosis, c acid and they can increase ones colonic peristalsis. Making the stools softer again. Banana’s are very effective, but they can be found in many fruits and foods.
Try to avoid additional fibers to your diet, since they will increase the constipation.  Candies with artificial sugar are just as effective, but not good for your teeth:)

If you have other tips to overcome this shitty problem, please comment them in!

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