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Can you buy kratom legally in Germany?

We have received some concerning news from our German friends, the sales and import from kratom is currently becoming more difficult in Germany due to the some new government interference. Although no official communication has been published by the German governement regarding the issue,  a growing number of shipments have been returned/destroyed due to customs interference.
Import of kratom is currently being labeled as “medicine” for which, for obvious reasons no license is issued, hence it becomes a unlicensed medicine. Government is referring to German law which stated that the import of drugs from outside the EU by individuals is not in accordance with § 73 Medicines Act. (document included below , censored for privacy reasons)

Meanwhile the receivers of kratom shipments that has been checked/discovered are given a notice and being told not to try ordering again.
Some German online sellers, like have stopped their sales online due to “the unclear legal status” in Germany already.

Although only a relatively small percentage of shipments to Germany seem to be affected, according to some wholesalers, some are and will seriously consider not shipping to Germany directly and we advice other producers and wholesalers from outside the EU to do the same.

For the users in Germany, there are still options to order from within the EU, according to some resellers overthere, their shipments are not checked upon entering Germany. For those in need I would strongly advice to stock up via other EU resellers as soon as possible.A list of trusted EU resellers is included below.

We will monitor the situation and add updates to this if we learn more.

Trusted EU resellers that ship to Germany. 

German document received by kratom user after his kratom was taken by customs

German document received by kratom user after his kratom was taken by customs

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