Kratom is no Legal High ! 10 Facts to prove it

Posted on June 27, 2011 by


kratom does not belong in your headshop

More and more of the legal-high websites and head-shops are adding kratom to their inventory. They probably think it matches nice with the hookahs and smoking blends, but they are wrong. Kratom might be a lot, but it certainly isn’t as cool as the other legal high stuff and it definitively isn’t a legal high. Please allow me to explain with 10 true and simple facts!

1. It does not look like one.

Would you consider yourself being more cool staring at a cup with around half oz or 10 grams of green mud?
Well that is what the regular kratom user is facing everytime they prepare their dayly portion.
It not something that will make you popular among your friends and it certainly doesnt look as cool as a hookah.

2. You can’t smoke it or snor it.

Unlike most of the great smoking blends and designer drugs you can;t even smoke it. Well, in fact you can, but you would need at least 4 bowls of smoke and still would only notice a little headache. High? No way, anyone telling you that you can get high from smoking kratom is a lying-legal-high-wannabe.

3. Kratom is not cool.

Kratom has been used for thousands of years, traditionally as a herbal medicine for diahoura, against fevers and as a pick-me-up for workers. There is really nothing fancy or cool about sharing a bit of anti diarrhea stuff with your friends, is there?

4. It tastes like shit

It does, trust me, and there is no way around it. Unlike most legal highs this one is really not suitable for consumption.
Whats the point trying to take something that will end up in the toilet after half hour anyway.

5. Kratom is used by old people.

kratom is mostly used by old folks. It helps them to get through the day and make their miserable lives a bit more colorful, since their back doesn’t hurt so much or to keep their restless legs in control.

6. Kratom is a medicine.

As said tradtionally and currently kratom is used to replace medicines. Medicines are things your doctor normally prescribes, not your regular head or smoke shop. Remind them of that next time they try to sell you some.

7. Its not even legal.

Seriously, there are dozens of countries where you cannot freely use kratom. In the US the FDA has even put it on the list of pousionaus plants and it is not supose to be used for human consumption. If your headshop clerk tells you that kratom tea will give you great effects, he is saying something illegal already.

8. Kratom isn’t dangerous enough.

Unlike designer druhs and synthetically produced substances, kratom powder can be taking in large amounts without any potential health risk. For an overdosage you would need around 1lbs to have a 50% of death. Luckely there are some synthetic drugs on the market like Krypton, which is labeled as kratom, that really kills you.

9. Your mother and father might like it.

As a rule of thumb, stuff that your parents like can never be called a legal high, seriously. Parents love kratom.

10. Kratom doesn’t even make you high.

Kratom may be analgesic, a bit energizing at times or even sedative. But under no circumstances you will ever feel “high”. Maybe you headshop or smokeshop seller will tell you differently and offer it to you in a cool, nice legal-high-baggie. But seriously, if you look for a sportscar are you going to buy a volvo simply because the car-salesman put some sport wheels under it?
disclaimer; we do not want to encourage anyone to try adding sport wheels under a volvo, nor encourage to use or abuse kratom. This atricle is solely added to show you that kratom is not a legal high and should not be sold in smokeshops and head-shops.