Keep kratom legal ! Kratom Association initiative started this week.

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In reaction to the growing concerns of kratom users and kratom sellers a new initiative was born earlier this week.
The foundation of the first and only official Kratom Association (“KA”) . While the KA’s organization itself is still in an early stage and hardly made public, over a hundred members already signed up in the first day of its existence. This is clearly a sign that there is a need among the users and sellers to get organized and protect their herb to ensure future availability.

Users fear that the continuous growth of attention and exposure of their herb is raising levels of concern. Kratom, previously used by a relatively small group of knowledgeable users for research, experimentation and as a herbal alternative for certain prescription drugs, is slowly becoming a mainstream product. In the last few months it has become readily available in a growing number of smoke and headshops, where it is incorrectly labelled as a “legal high”.  While the herb was still relatively unknown 5 years ago, today you will find already over 2 million pages on google , often made by sellers and often providing incorrect information.

Besides this there are a growing number of products on the market, labeled as kratom, but in fact containing other substances. Because kratom is legally available in most countries, the producers of designer drug and other synthetic “legal highs” are starting to use the Kratom label to sell their potentially harmful wares. In Sweden authorities have recently banned Krypton, which was labeled as being kratom, but what in fact seem to contain other substances, which has caused the death of a number of users.  Users and sellers fear that this kind of pratice will eventually lead to more serious accidents and possibly may cause kratom to be banned in certain countries.

Although kratom itself, in natural form or even as a natural extract, is relatively safe, authorities have earlier banned the herb for the oposite reasons. This was the case in for example  Australia, Poland, Denmark and Romania. Whether it was caused by lack of accurate information or due to mislabeled products, fact is that it could happen again in other countries.

KA is set up to stop this situation. Sellers and users have decided that there is a cause for action. KA’s efforts will be focussed on education, regulation and advocacy. It will provide guidelines for product safety, promote responsible usage and start to regulate sellers communication and marketing. In order to get rid of the many inaccuracies in information it has also the goal of providing factual information and promoting research of Kratom.

By doing so the Kratom Association will try to adjust Kratom’s public image; Kratom is in fact NOT an “herbal high” or a “legal buzz” or a “feel-good supplement”  Through education and publication, it hopes to ensure that the real facts about Kratom brought forward and that the sales of the harmful synthectic “kratom” products can be halted.

Even though the organisation just started and is barely organized, hundreds of members, tens of volunteers and various kratom sellers have already given their support and their commitment in its first days of operation. If you feel that you should be active you can join them.  The Kratom Association facebook group has been made available  to get together and a website will soon open on

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