Looking for good Kratom ? Avoid this one!

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best kratom seller

best kratom seller

real bad kratom from the best known sellers

So you found a respectable source for online kratom that gives you great deals !? Are you sure?
Too often new kratom users end up googling for a good online source for kratom, unfortunately. Google doesn’t use kratom nor does it select the best sellers on the front page.  Seller that spend a lot on marketing end up in the top searches from google, they pay for their marketing by inflating prices, so the best deals are found elsewhere.

But first let me explain how to spot shitty kratom deals in 5 steps! This picture was added by a user on a forum (source is below, so you can check). If you ever receive something like this from your “respected seller” , post it below here, please add the sellers name as well!

So what do we see here.

1. Badly dried leaves from the color it even looks like it contain molds (see picture)
2. Woody material, this is useless kratom, it doesnt contain any active material, but you pay for the weight! (see picture)
3. Insect droppings and fungi, take a close look, this is really unhealthy (see picture)
4. The leaves should be dried properly, so they stay green.  Sun dried leaves contain less to no active alkaloids (see picture)
5. How good are the prices if half of your kratom is useless ?(see wallet)

Source and victim can be found here;

Now please compare this with the following happy kratom customer please.
Powder is green made of leaves that are selected for potency, nicely grinded and processed clean. It does not contain woody parts or large stem and veins, just plain fresh smelling powder. Besides this the leaves are professionally dried and processed.
Check our sponsor for details ! There are a lot more happy customers out there.

If you are looking for objective reviews do check a forum, like kratomconnoiseurs   to check reviews of other buyers and learn more about kratom from other users.


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