The Kratom Forum : Scammed or Banned !

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The Kratom Forum get banned or scammed

We frequently receive complaints from users about a kratom forum, named  The Kratom Forum.  It appears as a so called objective place where kratom users can share information in a closed forum and post reviews of their beloved vendors, but there is a bit more you should know about this forum.

The forum which presents itself as objective, was originally set up by kratom sellers, we wont mention them, since we have really no intention of promoting these.  Jacky, an old member  already observed this in 2009 (1);

“the impression that I got, is that a few people own that website that also own small companies that sell kratom. and they think they might be keeping a lid on things.”

Over the years the forum has changed and it currently tries to present a number of sellers who will get “open” and “objective” reviews from the members. Really ? No way!  The fact is that users are seeing a small selection of sellers,  these sellers charge relatively a lot more for their kratom, while other, much more ecoonical sellers are simply being blocked or rated negatively (positive reviews are being removed). Buyers who post their real experiences on the kratom forum are simply being banned and the posts are being deleted.  Here is one such report from Liviana.

” They banned me without reason. They got pissy after I reported IAMSHAMAN or charging my credit card and lying about refunds… and said that my ban was because I advertised innapropriate content. I didn’t advertise anything. ” (2)

This member was directly banned, simply for addressing a very serious issue.  It is not uncommon that users are being banned for telling the truth and warning other buyers for certain practices that might be negative for the Kratom Forum owners and sponsors. This includes discussions about the quality of the kratom.  So what happens when someone writes something positve about another seller on this forum? Believe it or not, but they get banned as well!

See the following message we received last week for example.

“I also am a member on TKF I tried to defend XXXX as some things they was saying about XXXX was not true but I got a warning that I would be banned if I posted any thing GOOD about XXXX and they deleted my post.”

These kind of messages reach us often, users are being pressured and censured. The newcomers on the forum, unaware of these practices, are being fooled by positive reviews from sellers that are charging 2 and even 3 times more than non-TKF sellers like Bikhuk, Deepjunglekratom, kratomsources or whatever respected seller.  It smells like a scam.

On the Mitragyna Speciosa facebook page (3) we discussed this issue with some other kratom users and community members. One long time community member noted the following(4)

“Because that forum is run by vendors and if people discovered they could buy quality leaf/powder at a fraction of the price it would ruin the american and european vendors ability to milk people for their cash.”

And the word “pricefixing” showed up;

“I still find it amazing that these so called ‘reputable vendors’ get away with the price fixing, they are quick off the mark to big up each other and put down anyone who does not follow their pricing guide lines.

Another source (5) came to the following conclusion, that was shared by many others,

“I’d recommend you stay away from thekratomforum if you want open an honest discussion.”

We could go on and fill this page with a lot similar quotes, but we hope the message is clear.

Still looking for a seller?
If you are new to kratom and still looking for a stable and reliable source, do your own research! Dont believe what you read on a so called objective forum. Although there is still forum, which is not run by sellers or scammers. Besides this you can scan other places like Reddit , Yahoo groups or other not seller-run places.  Don’t go for the ones showing up on the first place of google either, they spend a lot of money to get on this position in the searches, guess who is paying for that in the end? 🙂

Sellers like , , , and of course (sponsor) all have great quality kratom and sell this for very reasonable prices.  Don’t At least you would be saving a lot compared to buying from the sellers who are favorited on some scammer forum.

All sources used are known and regsitered, those that spoke out publicly can be found below, but to protect these people from future harassment by the forum owners and members we have decided not to share their facebook quotes direct.

4. I.N on facebook .
5. W.F on facebook.