Kratom Tip : The Moka Pot!

Posted on November 23, 2011 by


kratom tea made with a moka or stove pot

Kratom tea making is one of the more popular methods of taking this bitter herb. A good article on Kratom Tea making can be found here  . But for those who are into trying something new, there is the Moka Pot or Stove Pot. The one depicted in the article is the most “famous” shape, but there are other colors and shapes available.

On ebay you should be able to get one for 5 to 10 bucks ( check eBay for some good offers ) .  Due to the pressure of the hot water, kratom “tea” can be made effectively and quick, especially if you follow the procedures below. Coffee can still be added as well, makes a great Melange 🙂

How to use it? See below.

  1. Fill the lower part of your Kratom Stove Pot with water till the level of the valve.
  2. Put the screen cup on top of this filled with your Kratom and some lemon juice or lime *acid speeds up extraction ! Kratom powder is best  used for this , if you use leaves, you might want to crush them small before doing this.
  3. Add coffee if you like 🙂
  4. Screw the top reservoir (the empty one) on top.
  5. Place it on a fire/stove.

After a couple of minutes the thing will start to make “spitting sounds” which is nothing to worry about.  After 5 to 6 minutes it stops making sound and that means it is ready.

You can repeat this one more time (with new water) but after 2 times the leaves are pretty “empty” or useless, the alkaloids have been extracted and are now in your kratom/tea/lemon/coffee mix or whatever flavor you have added.

This method saves time and helps to get more out of you kratom powder and leaves.  This also works well with any good espresso machine of course.

Any additional tips or info to improve the espresso/stovepot method is welcome! Enjoy.