Don’t let them ban kratom, please take action!

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kratom soon banned

(UPDATE.  A week after this article was published , Senator Crowe decided that kratom should stay available for those who wanted and/or needed it.  Thanks to the  kratomassociation members and various kratom users who actively expressed their concerns, the senator decided to propose an age limit for kratom buyers,  a decision that was welcomed by both kratom users and sellers)


A week ago we already mentioned here that a LA lawmaker, senator Crowe, is planning to ban kratom.

Shocked by this initiative, the Kratom Association, a group of kratom users and seller combined, immediately started a petition a few days ago, hundreds of kratom users have already come forward to sign the petition at .

Besides that , the Senator and the juridical committee also have received numerous emails from kratom users, who are afraid that their popular herb will not longer be legal.

If you have no yet, please do sign the petition, every signature and comment is welcome.  Kratom Petition

On the petition website you will also find comments from those who are oposing the senators plans. Besides the pro-choice comments of those who like to make their own decisions on what is good for them and a few outrages of plain anger, there are a lot of comments that show what kratom means for them. Banning this herb would be a big loss.  Interesting to see so many alcohol addicts, drug addicts, people with chronic pain, those suffering from depression and so on,  standing up for their favorite herb.

The senator want to make the public believe that this is just another narcotic substance, which is abused by thrill seeking teenagers. But the comments found on  petition website show another picture of the kratom users. Below I have included some of these

because kratom has changed my life for the better. Don’t ban kratom!

This herb had been a blessing for me. I do not take any pills (that was harmful to my liver and kidneys) anymore for my chronic pain and I am able to function with a normal lifestyle like someone my age should be able to do.

This herb has helped my grandmother through her chemo treatments and off the pain med roller coaster that was helping destroy her liver. I am a firm believer in holistic medicine and this herb has been a life saver for her. I have seen the results with my own eyes. Banning this plant would be like banning ginger or Yerb Mate.

this beneficial herb totally removed my need / addiction to oxycodone….

without it i would be forced back into a lifestyle that cost me a lot of money and made me feel helpless.

Please reconsider banning this substance it has changed are lives for the better and really cant see any harm in it at all. So much better than the Pharmaceuticals we used to take for out chronic pain.

Many people who are suffering with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other ailments rely on Kratom as an alternative to “big business” pharmaceuticals. If taken in moderation it is a perfectly natural substance, that can greatly help many people such as recovering addicts.

Kratom is not a drug that people abuse. I use it to NOT have to use pain pills for two blown knees and a bad back. This is something that I use 1 to 2 times a day and although I can get disability I DO NOT. I want to work and Kratom ensures I can,use kratom in place of opiates because I know it does not cause damage to my liver and it is the only natural thing which can treat my chronic back pain, depression and extreme fatigue that I would feel every day if I did not take it to help me.

I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed and care for my children if I didn’t have it.

Opiates do not help and the risks of taking them will eventually do damage to my internal organs, pharmaceutical pain killers are not worth it.

This natural herb does wonders for my injury which required percocet and muscle relaxers

I have used kratom for 5 years with great health benefits and no negative side effects. I feel a ban of kratom would only be to force some people to go buy big pharma’s medicine so someone could profit more money.

Kratom has been a godsend for me. Not only is it a major factor in my recovery from alcohol abuse, it has also enabled me to stop the expensive (and legally-prescribed) steroids and other medications which I once needed in order to control a hereditary auto-immune disorder. To ban this wonderful plant which has helped so many people, just because some unethical vendors have chosen to push it (falsely) as a legal high, would be a travesty.

Especially the last comment is interesting. Just because of some sellers that have been spamming kratom as a legal high or even smoking blend,  kratom should be banned. For those thinking kratom is a legal high please check these 10 facts,  kratom is mostly used for medical and semi medical reasons as can be seen from the comments above and from studies done by the KA. But even if it is used by some as a recreational substance, does that means it should be banned?  No, considering the safety of the herb, the mild effects , the fact that it can hardly be abused and that habit-forming is a relevant as it is with coffee, makes this herb one of the last things one should ban. If indeed the senator will push his plans through, I fear that drinking coffee, camomille tea and chocolate will be banned soon as well in the great state of Louisiana.

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