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The legal status of Kratom is under threat in some places.  Due to to work of irresponsible vendors, who have been presenting it as though it’s a powerful drug or ‘legal high’,  kratom is showing up more and more on lawmakers radars.

In short time only we have seen initiates from senators in the states of Louisiana, Iowa and Indiana that were aimed to add kratom to the list of controlled substances. Senator Crowe of Louisiana luckely took his time to check carefully before his proposal became law, but the

sign the petition now to keep kratom legal

Keep kratom legal for those that need it most

legal status of kratom in Iowa and Louisiana will change soon, we expect.

Lawmakers don’t seem to take the time to think this over carefully, and honestly , if you see the amount of disinformation on the internet, this is not a big surprise.  A seller on the prenium domain Kratom dot com writes about the dangers of kratom, like skin darkening and the risk of getting delusions and tremors, clearly without knowning what he is writing about.  The botanical giant BouncingBear places kratom as a fun making “legal high” in the market, through numerous websites.  Others are bringing chinese made, potentially dangerous extracts “isolates” and synthetic alkaloid analogues to the market, labelled and marketed as “kratom”, but in fact these products have little to nothing to do with kratom.  With all these businesses, focused on making a quick buck, are we really surprised to see concerned lawmakers?

It is about time that the kratom users take a more active role,  if you are really concerned about the legal status, you can help. First, only buy from sellers that are being responsible, if you aren’t sure about your seller, drop your question at the kratomassociation’s forum and you will find out soon enough. You can be active with this association as well, join their campaigns and stay informed about the latest legal developments. And, third,  help us to safeguard the legal use of kratom and  please sign the petition.  In so doing,  you’ll have the chance to explain on record why kratom is important to you personally.

Kratom has been helping a lot of folks, either with addictions, anxiety, pain management and even dealing with depressions and so on. This herb is really worth to stay available, for now and for the future generation as well. Don’t let the ignorance of lawmakers and irresponsible sellers destroy this, take a stand and let yourself be heard, before it is to late.

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