Doop Addiction and Recovery with Kratom, a Testimonial

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Experience shared below is from an ex-junkie who has been using kratom for a year now.
She explains her struggles and how she found kratom, kratom is used by various former addicts as a safe alternative and as a herb to help them taper their addiction.

My friend Peter, owner of, first told me about Kratom about
a year ago. I had been going through a number of health problems and medical
issues related to pain, such as Fibromyalgia, CFS, Hep C, arthritis and
bursitis-I have also broken my back twice. Because I am a recovering heroin
addict (1996-2001), whenever I’ve had a root canal or some type of medical
procedure in which narcotic pain medication was prescribed, I’ve either had
to refuse the pain medication or if I were to take the medication, I’ve had
to have accountability and/or literally have someone ‘supervise’
me-otherwise I’d find myself taking the medication according to my level of
pain instead of taking the medication as the doctor prescribed.

In 2011 I found out I had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy
performed. Realistically, I had to take narcotic pain medication and very
heavy doses of it as well.

About a month after the surgery I was in so much pain in my right shoulder
and my doctor ordered more tests, and was diagnosed with RSD, ‘Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy’ (or Shoulder/Hand Syndrome). The pain in my arm,
along with the chest pain, was excruciating. I received a number of nerve
blocks and my pain management doctor monitored the medication she gave me
(everything from dilaudid, oxycodone IR, norco, fentanyl patch) but after
months of being on pain meds I felt like I was being controlled by the
medication and I insisted on getting off of it.

Being an ex-junkie, I was so terrified that I might go through withdrawals
same as dope sickness, I ended up having to get on suboxone for ten days to
detox off the opiates. Months after the mastectomy and radiation I was still
in a lot of pain; my chest felt like it was on fire and the pain was
constant, yet I didn’t want to get back on opiates.I have tried a number of
different medications (non-narcotic) and different methods of stretching,
exercising (which helps, but isn’t always practical) and unfortunately, in
situations like surgery, narcotics were/are the only things that even touch
my pain. But after a few days of taking opiates has always put me in a
horrible state of mind, and if anything, it seems they exacerbate the pain.

I posted my complaints about being in pain on facebook and my friend Peter
expressed feeling bad hearing me me talk about the pain I was in all the
time and once again, told me about Kratom. He assured me that Kratom was not
a drug, but a medicinal herb, and he shared how he hurt his back working in
his garden and when he took Kratom for his back it really helped him. I
figured it was worth a try-it. was better than getting hooked on pain meds again!

He sent me a sample of Kratom capsules, and I tried them.
At first I didn’t notice much of a difference, but after I figured out the proper dose for me,
I recognized a noticeable difference in my pain level, as well as my mental state.
I experienced relief from the chest ‘fire’ pain and I noticed a difference in my back pain as well.
I’ve read a lot on the internet about Kratom and I believe there is a lot of misinformation out there.
I do not take the Kratom on a daily basis and the only side effect
I’ve noticed when I’ve taken it is a bit of constipation.
Oh, and the ‘eye wobbles’ when I first started taking Kratom capsules and took
a little more than I needed to because I wasn’t quite sure what my proper dose was yet.

Other than that, I am very grateful for Kratom because it does not have the horrible side effect
of depression (that opiates always have on me) and Kratom doesn’t make me tired,
unmotivated or make my mind and judgment cloudy—instead, I feel clear minded, creative and motivated.

The herb kratom is freely available in the US and most other countries and is afor part used by a growing group of former addicts to recover. It has been helping lots of people to battle pain and to replace all kinds of, often harmful and addictive,  pre-scription medication.  Kratom has proven to be a mild and very helpful alternative  for many kinds of former addicts, including ex painmedication, alcohol but also former opiate users.

The writer of this testimonial is currently working on a book, in which she will share her experiences.
When published the book will be titled “”I’D RATHER BE DEAD THAN DOPE SICK “.

KratomRitual , the seller mentioned before,  is an active member of the Kratom Association and is helping to educate about the benefits of the herb and to keep kratom available for those that need is most.