About kratom sources

Kratom Sources is an initiative of various kratom users, vendors and others that work and use this magic herb.
This website is focused on giving useful kratom tips and discuss topics related to the usage, kratom effects, side effects, addiction and responsible usage as well as a source for those looking for reliable kratom sellers.

In case you want to join us in our effort,  just let us know.  We encourage everyone to give their input and help us build this site.

We will try hard to work on site improvements as we go, suggestions and feedback is alway welcome, please do post your comments below.

We encourage all to join in the discussing and to post your comments and feedback.  Comments will be need to approved before posting, due to the amount of spammers active, so in case your comment is not included directly, do check back in a day and it will.

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  1. Hey Kratom Sources — I’m a reporter in New York, writing a story on the debate over kratom that’s bubbling up in the US. Your input is key to the piece, and I’m really hoping to connect with at least one person involved in the site and the overall initiative to promote the positive effects of kratom. Please email me about setting up a phone interview…thank you, and hope to hear back soon.

  2. Hi guys,

    i’m from Germany and run (the biggest i guess) german information website for kratom (www.kratomratgeber.de). I would love to cooperate with you and share some information or write a guest post.

    Green regards from Germany,

    Frowin 🙂


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