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KIC – Kratom Induced Constipation

April 5, 2011 by


One of the know side effects of kratom is constipation.  Sooner or later the kratom user will notice some changes in the stools.  So let see what it is and where it comes from. Constipation, what is it? Constipation is defined as a decrease in the frequency of passing formed stools, or simply said less […]

Why does kratom not work for me ?

April 1, 2011 by


At least once a month I get this question and its not an easy one.  In most cases the causes for the inactive kratom are easy to discover and to solve. But what if you tried all and still no luck ? The you might need to read a bit more, since there is a […]

Kratom Effects, what do people get out of this herb!?

December 22, 2010 by


So what effects does the average user gets from using kratom? A little reseach done on the yahoo kratom group showed the following kratom effects for the average user. Mostly people noticed some form of Euphoria and stimulation or even a opiate kind of rush.  We have to add however that the options in this […]