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Iowa planning a kratom ban?

April 9, 2012 by


Representative Baudler, a 71 year old ex-state trooper from Iowa, learned about kratom 2 weeks ago. Only 2 hours later he decided that kratom should be banned. Why? No one knows for sure. From his appearance in the press one can clearly conclude that he has no idea what kratom is. According to this Baudler, […]

Kratom Season , When is it ?

May 31, 2011 by


A couple of time per week I receive a question about the kratom season. Its always a pleasure to know that customer care about the quality of a product, but honestly there is not really an easy answer. Most trees in tropical areas, including the kratom tree, are green all year around, so the leaves […]

Stem and Veins of Mitragyna speciosa.

April 21, 2011 by


-Memoirs of a kratom eater- Leaf anatomy Although botanists will be furious, for simplicity, kratom leafs can roughly be divided into three tissues, leaf tissue, veins and the petiole. The petiole is the stem attaching the leaf to a branch. The veins are the vascular tissue of the leaf. They form a web of small […]

Kratom vs Medication, Therapy, and Drug Abuse

March 30, 2011 by


The past 15 or so years of my life have been very difficult.  I’ve been to many therapists and psychologists to try and figure out why I have anxiety and depression, and even AA to try and help me quit drinking.  For years I would go back and forth to these places with no results. […]

Kratom Bitter Blocker

January 20, 2011 by


Everyone who ever tried or maybe just smelled kratom, is familiar with the foul and bitter taste. Extracts and certain blends can help to reduce this a bit, but they are expensive alternatives and not so effective in some cases to deal with the taste issue. But there are other ways to deal with it! Bitter taste […]

a blog about kratom

December 22, 2010 by


Welcome to our new blog, for those new to kratom or mitragyna speciosa, this is a nice starting point to collect and share information and questions. For the pro’s and those familiar we offer more insights into kratom effects, kratom sources and on how to take or how to use kratom. We hope you have […]