Louisiana Lawmaker wants to ban kratom, Don’t do it!

February 16, 2012


louisiana wants to ban kratom

There is some serious unrest in the kratom community. A Louisiana Senator,  A.G. Crowe of   R-Pearl River, is calling for a kratom ban. In a broadcast of WWLTV  http://www.wwltv.com/news/northshore/Northshore-Lawmakers-Seeks-To-Ban-Herbal-Remedy-139325763.html  , the senator explains his motives.  “Abuse”, “harmful and dangerous” and a comparison to some street drug alternatives like bathsalts, seem to be the main motives. Again it […]

Kratom Abuse : Sense or Non Sense ?

December 1, 2011


kratom use or abuse

Just while I was enjoying my second cup of kratom tea today, google send me a news alert,  kratom was mentioned once more in the press. After a few clicks the top of my screen read ” Kratom Abuse”  and “tips and warning signs for parents” .   Probably another rehab clinic or prescript med […]

Kratom Tip : The Moka Pot!

November 23, 2011


kratom tea made with a moka or stove pot

Kratom tea making is one of the more popular methods of taking this bitter herb. A good article on Kratom Tea making can be found here http://www.archive.org/stream/HowToMakeKratomTea  . But for those who are into trying something new, there is the Moka Pot or Stove Pot. The one depicted in the article is the most “famous” shape, but there […]

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The Kratom Forum : Scammed or Banned !

November 11, 2011


The Kratom Forum get banned or scammed

We frequently receive complaints from users about a kratom forum, named  The Kratom Forum.  It appears as a so called objective place where kratom users can share information in a closed forum and post reviews of their beloved vendors, but there is a bit more you should know about this forum. The forum which presents […]

Looking for good Kratom ? Avoid this one!

August 14, 2011


best kratom seller

So you found a respectable source for online kratom that gives you great deals !? Are you sure? Too often new kratom users end up googling for a good online source for kratom, unfortunately. Google doesn’t use kratom nor does it select the best sellers on the front page.  Seller that spend a lot on marketing end up […]

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Keep kratom legal ! Kratom Association initiative started this week.

June 30, 2011



In reaction to the growing concerns of kratom users and kratom sellers a new initiative was born earlier this week. The foundation of the first and only official Kratom Association (“KA”) . While the KA’s organization itself is still in an early stage and hardly made public, over a hundred members already signed up in […]

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Kratom is no Legal High ! 10 Facts to prove it

June 27, 2011


kratom does not belong in your headshop

More and more of the legal-high websites and head-shops are adding kratom to their inventory. They probably think it matches nice with the hookahs and smoking blends, but they are wrong. Kratom might be a lot, but it certainly isn’t as cool as the other legal high stuff and it definitively isn’t a legal high. Please allow me to explain with 10 […]